Shoe Carrier Clip

This is the incredible Shoe Carrier Clip that once you see it in use, you will want 10 of them. This is by far the project most likely to cause a stir around all that see it. It is so practical we needed in our lives years ago, even when seeing it for the very first time. Such a practical and useful device. And if you are parent, this is an absolute must. Sports shoes are far from cheap, and when they are used in the grass, they get stinky and dirty. This is the carrying solution that protects the gear, while at the same time keeps track of your shoes on the outside of the travel bag or backpack.

Oh yeah, now your life just became much easier. You are so very welcome!

shoe carrier clip

Think of how we feel. Being parents to 6 boys and 1 girl, all were active in Sports and Dance. We could have used these for all their functions. And keep track of the shoes, and who’s shoes are who’s shoes. Especially when you are buying the same shoe’s for the same skill players. Keeping track of younger player’s gear is a hassle, one that is easily rectified with this incredible and useful device.

From the field to your car, the shoes you wear need to change. Cleats don’t leave the grass, and having a change of shoes is a must for any sports player. Same goes for dance, skiing or snowboarding enthusiast. And this is a must have device for anyone with shoes. We invest a fortune into our sports gear, and sometimes a 3 digit purchase on our shoes of choice. We need to protect them from loss, easy theft or being forgotten or left. This incredible device helps with all of this.

This device is also known as “A Hangers for Shoes”; this remarkable Shoe Carrier Clip is in need for anyone with shoes:

Imagine that you just finished up playing a game of soccer with the team. You gave it your absolute all, and even took a cleat into your left shin. Your cleats are filthy, and grass stained. They literally smell like sweat and tears if sweat and tears smelled like bacteria infested wet rags. Granted, they are broken in. You do love them, however you don’t love the idea of taking them home alongside your gear in your travel bag. That and you do have unused clean and ready, back up in your bag? Not exactly a desire to ruin by tossing your cleats into your bag now is it. Did not think so. This is where the Shoe Carrier Clip becomes a must have device.

As a result of this new device, you now you have extra room in your backpack. You can place your gear and be prepared with back up clothes should you be required to jet somewhere after practice or the game. And this way your cleats, dance shoes, or boots can be displayed outside but attached to your bag like a trophy of your efforts left on the field.

Get your Shoe Carrier Clip(s) right here. Because these are so reasonable, and you want to be a good sport; be sure to think of others. Makes an incredible Great gift any of your loved ones, or your team (that may be more important than your loved ones). And do not forget the Coaches!

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