Wine Magic

This is all about Fine Wine and what I refer to as Wine Magic. There are so many ways to enjoy Wine, and when you add Wine to specific activities, Magic happens. Calming, relaxing and stress relieved Wine Magic!

Activities To Best Enjoy Along a Glass of Fine Wine, creating Wine Magic!

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A Relaxing Bath or Jacuzzi 

wine magic

It starts out with a relaxing thought of a very HOT bubble bath, and a Glass of Fine Wine. Maybe a dark and rich RED, or a calming (not too sweet) White.  Some candles lit for ambiance and your own created space of calm. A place where you can relax, de-stress and just be you. Forget the daily stress, the work undone at the Office, or maybe the hard day with the kids.

You have been waiting for this alone time. This time for you, your Fine Wine, maybe a book. Your time of Peace.  Where you can just be… You can add more Hot Water, Pour another Glass, and just prolong the Peace.

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Then there is the Wine Magic that kicks in when you are looking to create that romantic moment with your Lover. Entice them into the hot bath you made with complete intent for a romantic evening with just the two of you. Away from anything, anyone else. (No cell phones, no computers, no TV)  Just the two of you, some Fine Wine, and the Magic is set to happen. You can relax, and just be the two of you together.

Jacuzzi and Wine? An awesome idea if you ask me. Outdoors, under the Moon, the Sun, or as the Sun Sets. A Glass of Fine Wine, and time for enjoying the Fresh Air, the Bubbles, and Massaging of the Jets on your Back. Reflect on your day, your week, your life. And think about the future. Let the Wine Magic begin.

Make any Meal into an “Event”

It starts with a Fine Wine. Then you pair it with the perfect foods, and turn the Meal into an “Event”. From food pairings such as fruit, cheeses, chocolate to the more complete Dish to accompany the Fine Wine. Wine Magic will be happening with each taste, sip, and repeated Joy with each Bite, each swallow.

wine magic

Many of us do not know enough about the many different wines and different varieties of wines. More so, we have not experienced enough of these different wines to know what pairs best with them, other than trial and error. Or maybe you have been fortunate enough to go with a suggest Wine and Food pairing at a Fancy Restaurant, or with a Wine knowledgeable friend.

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With our Exclusive Wine Club, you not only get access to New Fine Wines each and every month, but you will receive detailed information on the Wines themselves, where they come from, and suggested food pairings. You will learn, and have a road map for the perfect “Event” with your Fine Wine and Food Pairing.

Ever tried the taste sensations with that perfect Fine Wine and Grapes, Soft White Cheese, Blue Cheese Assortment, or Gouda Cheese? The tastes alter in degrees of pleasantries with various Wines and Wine Varieties. Add in some melon wrapped in Prosciutto Ham, and the right Fine Wine. Sometimes the simple accompaniments can make for an “Event”.   

The options are almost endless. Start with a Fine Wine, and add the Food. BOOM! Just like that, your “Event” is ready to happen.

From Clubbing, to a night out on the Town. A bottle of Fine Wine (or three) shared with the girlfriends is sure to create some great times for all. Get ready to bury the stresses and worries, and enjoy your companions, support group, and besties.

Grab a Glass (or Bottle) and enjoy the Wine Magic as you dance the night away, relaxed and worry-free.

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